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  • Beautiful World

    Here we go lost in the lessonsSometimes I mess up my intentionsI get lost, the costWas losing everything I've knownLaying here staring at the ceilingSometimes still dealing with the feelingsWhere I've ...
    2016-3-30 13:14
  • Butterfly Kisses

    Butterfly Kisses

    Butterfly Kisses Westlife Nicky: There's two things I know for sure She was sent here from heaven And she's daddy's little girl. As I drop to my knees by her bed at night She talks to Jesus and I clos ...
    2011-8-2 22:22
  • Difference In Me

    Difference In Me

    There's something in the silenceI never used to feelThere's something about knowingThat tells you this is realWhen you're close (ah ah ah ah)All I know I don't want to let you go (ah ah ah) Hello happ ...
    2010-11-27 13:51
  • Before It's Too Late

    Before It's Too Late

    All things come to those who waitSometimes they just come too lateAnd if we never speak againI don't wanna make that mistakeWe never seem to find The place or timeTo say what's on your mind So tell me ...
    2010-11-27 13:49
  • Closer


    Come take my hand nowKnow there is no doubtI'm here for youI'll be truth Someone in your lifeJust look in my eyesYou'll know that you're homeYou're not alone All I know is I can't breatheWithout you n ...
    2010-11-27 13:47
  • Chances


    Take all your chances while you canYou never know when they'll pass you byLike a sum the mathematician cannot solveLike me trying my hardest to explain It's all about your cries and kissesThose first ...
    2010-11-27 13:45
  • Beautiful Tonight

    Beautiful Tonight

    Well I thought I'd seen it allFrom beginning to the endYeah I was the great pretenderAlways alone again Well a light came shining inWhen you took my breath awayNow I know I've waited all my lifeTo fee ...
    2010-11-27 13:44
  • Beautiful In White

    Beautiful In White

    Not sure if you know thisBut when we first metI got so nervousI couldn't speak In that very momentI found the one andMy life had found itsMissing piece So as long as I live I love youWill have and hol ...
    2010-10-26 22:45
  • Con Lo Bien Que Te Ves

    Con Lo Bien Que Te Ves

    Con lo bien que te ves Ves ves ves ves ves ves (yeah yeah) Ojos de tigresa que te tiran a matarUna Diosa viviente puede saber que con otro estaPero fue su corazonComo fue que la deje por otro amor(Ha ...
    2010-10-26 21:28
  • Don't Calm the Storm

    Don't Calm the Storm

    You said you needed some time on your own You say we should put our love on hold But baby don’t leave me now All alone in the cold You said you believed in us, baby And now you’re walking away from ...
    2010-10-26 21:19
  • Another World

    Another World

    In another lifeMaybe we see everythingIn a different lightLike an endless summer And in the years from now We'll all be living The same old certain dream That we imagined would be Somewhere highSomewh ...
    2010-10-26 21:11
  • As Love Is My Witness

    As Love Is My Witness

    Once in a lifetime You look in someone's eyes And it feels like the world stops turning at once Well that's what it felt like for me I knew knew right away this day would be Standing together, believi ...
    2010-10-26 21:11
  • The Difference

    The Difference

    Oh yeah awake alive Oh yeah awake alive I wake my faith shaken insideImages of you race to mindDid I forget I meant to tell you something? Only half 'til you have to fallOnly whole when you’re seein ...
    2010-10-26 21:10
  • Catch My Breath

    Catch My Breath

    We were still in high school When I first met you Even then you were the prettiest girl That I ever knew And we carved our name on everythingThat we could find The way that all kids do And although t ...
    2010-10-26 21:03
  • The Dance

    The Dance

    Looking back On the memory of The dance we shared Beneath the stars above And for a moment All the world was right How could I have known That you'd ever say goodbye (And now I'm glad I didn't know ...
    2010-10-26 20:58
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    Shane再唱《My Love》

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    Shane首演《Beautiful In White》

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