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  • Uptown Girl

    Uptown Girl

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Uptown girl She’s been living in her uptown world I bet she never had a backstreet guy (oh oh oh) I bet her mama never told her why (oh oh oh oh) ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:16
  • I Cry

    I Cry

    You said goodbye, I fell apart I fell from all we had To I never knew I needed you so bad You need to let things go I know you told me so I’ve been through hell to break the spell Why did I ever let ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:16
  • Bop Bop Baby

    Bop Bop Baby

    Mum always said nothing would break me Or lead me astray Who would’ve guessed I’d let my mind drift So far away (You always said I was a dreamer Now instead I’m dreaming of things) That’s making ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:15
  • Queen of My Heart

    Queen of My Heart

    So here we stand in our secret place The sound of the crowd so far away You take my hand and it feels like home We both understand it’s where we belong So how do I say, do I say goodbye We both have ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:14
  • Don't Get Me Wrong

    Don't Get Me Wrong

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve played my part and it’s over I’m tired of being strong by hiding that I’m not, yeah Don’t get me wrong You’ve played your part and I think you know And this loves for re ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:12
  • Every Little Thing You Do

    Every Little Thing You Do

    It’s every little thing Hello Let me know if you hear me Hello If you want to be near let me know And I’ll never let you go Hey love When you ask what I feel I say love When you ask how I know I s ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:11
  • Fragile Heart

    Fragile Heart

    A fragile heart has broken before I don’t think it could endure another pain But there’s a voice from deep inside of you That’s calling out to make you realise That this new bond brings inspiratio ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:10
  • Loneliness Knows Me By Name

    Loneliness Knows Me By Name

    Oh yeah Loneliness is always looking for a friend It found me once and it has been around since then Loneliness is never waiting by the doorIt sweeps right through and it will never be ignored (Why, ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:10
  • You Make Me Feel

    You Make Me Feel

    I've been trying to reach you Cos I've got something to say But you're (talking about Just nothing at all) And you're slipping away We were crying together It was a long time ago Before you (walk ou ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:09
  • Close Your Eyes

    Close Your Eyes

    If you wanna know Tomorrow morning I have to leave But wherever that may be Best believe I’m thinking of you I can’t believe how much I love you All we have is here tonight We don’t wanna waste th ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:09
  • No Place That Far

    No Place That Far

    I can't imagine any greater fear Than waking up without you here Though the sun would still shine on My whole world would all be gone But not for long (If I had to run, if I had to crawl If I had to ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:08
  • Dreams Come True

    Dreams Come True

    Don’t you know that Don’t you know that Dreams are there to show you the way (better take a look inside) Close your eyes, find out what they’re trying to say, yeah (gotta take a look inside) Onl ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:07
  • Puzzle of My Heart

    Puzzle of My Heart

    It’s the way she fills my senses It’s the perfume that she wears I feel I’m losing my defences To the colour of her hair (And every little) piece of her is right (Just thinking about her) Takes me ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:07
  • Soledad


    If only you could see the tears In the world you left behind If only you could hear my heart Just one more time Even when I close my eyes There’s an image of your face And once again I’ve come to r ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:06
  • Angel's Wings

    Angel's Wings

    I would die for you Lay down my life for you The only thing that means everything to me Cos when you’re in my arms You make me prouder than Than anything I ever could achieve And you make everythin ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:05

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