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  • You Don't Know

    You Don't Know

    Oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah Nobody knows me yet everyone knows my name Some people judge me not knowing that I’m the same Thanks for the offer but I keep my old friends always But then I get lonely, coun ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:30
  • Never Knew I Was Losing You

    Never Knew I Was Losing You

    I’m feeling so alone now tonight Even though you’re here by my side Is there something on your mind From the world you left behind I feel as if the love shared before Doesn’t want to be here no mo ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:30
  • Crying Girl

    Crying Girl

    She only cried every other Tuesday night She’s a crying shame She could’ve done something right In this little town everybody knows her name Now she’s flown away The town will never be the same, o ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:28
  • I'll Be There

    I'll Be There

    Oh yeah You and I must make a pact We must bring salvation back Where there is love, I’ll be there (I’ll be there) I’ll reach out my hand to you I’ll have faith in all you do (oh oh oh) Just cal ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:24
  • My Girl

    My Girl

    I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day And when it’s cold outside (oh oh oh) I got the month of May (I guess you’d say What can make me feel this way) My girl, my girl, my girl Talking bout my girl ( ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:24
  • That's What It's All About

    That's What It's All About

    I know it’s all about you, it’s all about me Working it out, yeah That’s what it’s all about Maybe I was wrong about it Maybe you were right I was selfish and demanding Never satisfied Oh and (ma ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:21
  • Let's Make Tonight Special

    Let's Make Tonight Special

    I’ll give the world to make you mine (world to mine) Cos I can’t go on with out you this time (go out time) This time What you doing tonight baby? Let’s make tonight special All I’m asking for is ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:17
  • Forever


    I’ll be loving you forever Deep inside my heart you’ll leave me never Even if you took my heart And tore it apart I would love you still forever You are the sun, you are my light And you’re the la ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:16
  • Until the End of Time

    Until the End of Time

    Until the end of time I’m longing for you And if you feel the same then show me your love I’ll give you everything that money can’t buy (thing that money can't buy) And I promise I’ll be right by ...
    分类:    2010-9-1 21:15
  • Everlasting Love

    Everlasting Love

    Every now and then I get a little bit coldAnd I (need somebody to hold me)I look at you and your body of goldAnd I (think oh why does she hurt me)Yes I do, yes I doYes I do, yes I do Sometimes when I’ ...
    分类:    2010-7-1 21:14
  • Together Girl Forever

    Together Girl Forever

    Dreams are for believing And someday they will come true And we would be together No-one else but me and you Times that we spent talking girl No place I’d rather be Looking into your eyes and preten ...
    分类:    2010-7-1 21:13

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