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  • Bad Girls

    Bad Girls

    Good things, good things That bad girls do Good things, good things (oh) That bad girls do Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh Bra top, tank top Doesn’t really matter cos they’re all so hot I’m going l ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:25
  • Imaginary Diva

    Imaginary Diva

    Come on now, yeah yes Yeah yeah yeah yeah Late last night I had a dream And it was then I seen her, uh She didn’t need no diamond rings Fancy cars, Versace things to please her (oh oh oh oh) (She’ ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:24
  • Angel


    Spend all your time waiting For that second chance For a break that would make it okay There’s always some reason To feel not good enough And it’s hard at the end of the day I need some distractio ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:24
  • Love Crime

    Love Crime

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I, I didn’t know what to say I tried to look the other way When I saw you there with him Acting like I don’t care But you could read from how I stared That I’m hurting deep insi ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:23
  • Walk Away

    Walk Away

    Here we are, just a little older Time goes by, but did I ever tell you why I want you so much It came to me when you were not around You’ll always be the one to understand That’s why I can’t miss y ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:23
  • Don't Let Me Go

    Don't Let Me Go

    So much to say, but where do I start Would you listen if I spoke from the heart It’s simple things that keep us apart You know it doesn’t have to be this way Can’t you hear it in my voice, ooh bab ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:22
  • Don't Say It's Too Late

    Don't Say It's Too Late

    It doesn’t take much to learn That the bridges that you burned Leave you stranded, feeling alone It doesn’t take much to cry When you’re living in a lie And deceiving that someone who cares If I c ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:21
  • When You Come Around

    When You Come Around

    The day I was leaving, I was feeling insecure I thought I had thrown away all of those days And what we had before And now (I believe it, after all you had to say I’ve thought about every day, in ev ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:21
  • If Your Heart's Not In It

    If Your Heart's Not In It

    Ooh ooh Ooh ooh Oh yeah, yeah Yeah I’m missing you, girl even though You’re right here by my side Cos lately it seems The distance between us is growing too wide (too wide) I’m so afraid that you ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:20
  • Drive (For All Time)

    Drive (For All Time)

    Oh oh oh oh It’s easy to fool around, it’s harder to keep the faith But I wanna settle down, no matter what it takes If I ever break your heart, if ever do you wrong I hope I never give you cause t ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:20
  • To Be Loved

    To Be Loved

    Song of a little bird Joy in three little words I know it’s real That’s how it feels to be loved by you The stars from a midnight sky The melody from a lullaby There’s nothing real that I wouldn’ ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:19
  • World of Our Own

    World of Our Own

    You make me feel funny When you come around Yeah that’s what I’ve found out honey What am I doing without you You make me feel happy When I leave you behind It plays on my mind, now honey What am I ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:19
  • Evergreen


    Eyes like the sunrise Like a rainfall down my soul And I wonder I wonder why you look at me like that What you’re thinking, what’s behind Don’t tell me but it feels like love I’m gonna take this ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:18
  • I Wanna Grow Old With You

    I Wanna Grow Old With You

    Another day without your smile Another day just passes by And now I know how much it means For you to stay right here with me The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger But it hurts so ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:17
  • Why Do I Love You

    Why Do I Love You

    Mmm mmm Suddenly she’s leaving Suddenly the promise of love has gone Suddenly... breathing seems so hard to do Carefully you planned it I got to know just a minute too late, oh girl Now I understan ...
    分类:    2010-10-26 20:17

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