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  • Over And Out

    There is beauty in forgivenessThat shines in the distanceA strength in letting goLove is always to be learned fromWhen all is said and done sometimesYou need to walk aloneAnd you and I, I, I, ICome in ...
    2016-3-30 13:32
  • No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight

    No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight

    Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh Here I standLooking in your eyes I'm an open bookShattered heartIs all I have to give and that's what you tookFeel so goodThat I can't say goodbyeWatching time fly by ...
    2010-11-27 13:50
  • The Reason

    The Reason

    I'm not a perfect personThere's many things I wish I didn't doBut I continue learningI never meant to do those things to you(And so I have to say before I goThat I just want you to know) (ah) (I've fo ...
    2010-11-27 13:48
  • Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

    Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You

    If I had to live my life without you near meThe days would all be emptyThe nights would seem so longWith you I see forever oh so clearlyI might have been in love beforeBut it never felt this strong Ou ...
    2010-10-26 21:45
  • Reason for Living

    Reason for Living

    I lie alone and thinking How could this ever happen Is it real, am I dreaming And when your heart’s been burned How can someone learn To get over their fears You told me I should be strong (Oh I’m ...
    2010-10-26 21:29
  • Nothing Is Impossible

    Nothing Is Impossible

    Mhmm, isn’t life strange A total mystery As we passed each day Did you notice me (did you notice me) And I know girl You’ve been looking at meAnd I know now That you and me were meant to be, oh yea ...
    2010-10-26 21:27
  • On the Wings of Love

    On the Wings of Love

    It’s good to know I’ll have your love Whichever way the wind blows A guiding light That will shine on Through the darkest night When the world seems like it’s full of strangers (oh, full of stran ...
    2010-10-26 21:23
  • Reach Out

    Reach Out

    When everything is warYou’re living in a battle zoneWhen everything is tornAnd the world is cold as stone Don’t lock all the doorsClose your heartShut me out of your lifeAnd throw all the keys Will ...
    2010-10-26 21:13
  • No More Heroes

    No More Heroes

    When the waves are crashing downPulling you to sorrowI will sail you back to shoreWhen there are no more heroes Over under, near or farI’ll be right beside youStanding here with open armsWhen there ...
    2010-10-26 21:12
  • Pictures In My Head

    Pictures In My Head

    Thank you for tomorrow When you gonna call meThank you for the weekend When you gonna see meThank you for the memories We haven’t made yetYou’ve always been a part of me Even before we metYeah Than ...
    2010-10-26 21:04
  • The Rose

    The Rose

    Some say love it is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say love it is a razor That leads your soul to bleed Some say love it is a hunger An endless aching need I say love it is a flower And you ...
    2010-10-26 20:53
  • On My Shoulder

    On My Shoulder

    Na na na na na na na All around the world, all around the world Someone need somebody, let me be a shield All around the world, all around the world Someone’s feeling lonely, but I know you never wi ...
    2010-10-26 20:33
  • Obvious


    Yeah ooh We started as friends But something happened inside me Now I’m reading into everything But there’s no sign you hear the lightning baby You don’t ever notice me turning on my charm Or won ...
    2010-10-26 20:32
  • Queen of My Heart

    Queen of My Heart

    So here we stand in our secret place The sound of the crowd so far away You take my hand and it feels like home We both understand it’s where we belong So how do I say, do I say goodbye We both have ...
    2010-10-26 20:14
  • No Place That Far

    No Place That Far

    I can't imagine any greater fear Than waking up without you here Though the sun would still shine on My whole world would all be gone But not for long (If I had to run, if I had to crawl If I had to ...
    2010-10-26 20:08
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